Frequently Asked Questions

About eLearning & Us is an online learning platform provided by Foresight eLearning and Creative Ltd. We are are specialists in the creation of learning platforms and content.
The courses are developed through a range of methods including our own in house development team or industry specific specialists and instructors.
Absolutely yes! Taking a well designed online course can provide you with the flexibility of learning in your own time and in any location. It's the perfect way for learning to fit around busy lifestyles and often limited budgets.
There are many benefits to e-learning, whether you choose to start a whole new course or if you just want to enhance your existing knowledge. Learning online reduces time taken away from the office, 24 hour accessibility to learning materials with well implemented Learning Management System to help track you're progress and most importantly, it's cost effective!
Each individual course is priced depending on type of qualification. Please find further information in our Courses section.

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