If You Have The Idea, Then We Have The Gear....

.....Skills, Knowledge and Platform To Help You Bring a Course Idea To Life!

We're constantly on the lookout for subject specialists, tutors and just downright boffins that want to put their knowledge into an online course and generate an income from it! Online courses are quickly becoming the preferred method of learning for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide due to their convenience, costs and quality. If you believe that you have the credentials and a potential market for it then we want to hear from you!

How To Become A Course Developer Partner

To get started we need some basic information to make an initial assessment of the suitability of your course idea and your background in relation to the course concept. We don't stipulate a minimum requirement of formal qualification or industry experience, however, if this is evident in your application then this supports a strong case for approval. Beyond your course idea and knowledge in this area a clear understanding of the marketplace needs to be provided. You may have the best programme concept on the planet, however, if no one wants to buy it nor has a need for it then it simply won't sell!

Register to become a teacher

You have to to fill out this form

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Q: How long should the course duration be?
A: The suggested minimum time is 1 hour, the maximum is up to you (however, be realistic about your audience)

Q: How much could I charge potential learners for the course?
A: This will be discussed further should your application be successful

Q: How long does it take get a course listed?
A: This depends entirely on the amount of work involved in developing in partnership with yourself

Q: I've never designed a course in the past, never mind an online version, is this a problem?
A: No, we provide the support and work together to develop this with you as long as there is a strong case for course demand

Q: Could I just email ForesighteLearning.com with extensive notes and you could build it for me?
A: No! Developing a course requires a close working relationship with the author and can be an extensive process. Your ability to demonstrate commitment to a successful course product will be taken into account when applying to codevelop a course with us

Q: What percentage of the overall course sale price could I earn?
A: This varies depending on multiple factors. Most significantly is the proportion of development work required by each party. If you have a full blown course formatted in a presentable fashion and format that can pass a quality check, then you would earn up to 90% of the course fee! Alternatively, you may have very little to work with and require intensive support from Foresight eLearning to develop this for you which would reduce your earning potential

Q: How are the course earnings paid to me?
A: This is carried out via a secure electronic payment system such as PayPal on a monthly basis

Q: What if I want to update the course or amend the price?
A: This is absolutely fine! We understand that goal posts move and learning needs to move with them. This would be detailed further upon successful application.

Q: Does Foresight eLearning charge me a cost for their time to develop course content for co-developed programmes?
A: No, we don't! However, we scrutinize the course concept, quality and chances of success very rigorously before committing to a co-development project. We ask that you consider your idea and business case very carefully before contacting us with an idea that requires intense levels of support to come to life. We do provide eLearning development services for a fee for specific projects should you wish to contact us for further information on this.